Quote of the Day–July 24 2008

The following from Alice Walker



In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can

be contorted, bend in weird ways, and they are still beautiful.


This kind of thing reminds me why I liked her and actually included her in my book. However, by that time Walker was well along in her efforts to become an oracle instead of a writer. Too bad. She could have been a great writer, The Color Purple and a few other things attest. Instead she often sounds like a half-baked version of Shirley McLain. Which leaves her about quarter-baked, I guess.

1 thought on “Quote of the Day–July 24 2008

  1. liz laribee

    does this tree sort of look like a headless ballet dancer to you?
    also, i have remained mildly annoyed with alice walker in the same way that i am mildly annoyed with maya angelou and annie dillard. reading their writing is like having to drink ginseng tea when i really just want a Yoo Hoo. i mean, yeah, i get it. the ginseng tea is much classier and very healthy. it’s just annoying.


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