More signs that the world as we know it has come to an end

Old news, I know, but I thought I shouldn’t let pass the passing of the Washington Post Book World.  All the old arguments are to be made:  newspapers are cutting their own throats by cutting books since, after all, who reads newspapers anymore other than the people who read books.  On the other hand, my own newspaper, the harrisburg Patriot news pays for a weekly column on graphic novels, but can’t be bothered with reviewing books that depend on words.  Alas and alack.  I am the aficionado of lost causes, the lover of things gone by.  Books among them.

2 thoughts on “More signs that the world as we know it has come to an end

  1. Jon Vaitl

    Graphic novels are huge these days, but for some reason, I expect most of their readers to get their news online, and not from newspapers. Perhaps I base that too much on one graphic-novel-loving friend of mine.

  2. Jeanne

    After living in the DC area for many years and enjoying Book World every week, I moved away and didn’t keep up my subscription. A few months ago, I was in DC on Sunday and bought a paper. The Book World just wasn’t the same. There weren’t many reviews, and what few there were were very brief. I guess it was on its way out already.


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