Gifts for the Unemployed Philosophers in Your Life

Given my post of a couple of days ago on the the threat to our culture posed by the inundation of unemployed philosophers,  I’ve been on the lookout for more news of philosophers in need.  Dismally, David Brooks over at the NYTimes uses philosophy to illustrate disciplines that may not be well-equipped to negotiate the changes afoot in higher education.  (Wrongly, I think, has he not bothered to watch Mark Sandel’s iTunes class?).

More happily, I was pleased to find The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, a site devoted to the notion that the unexamined gift is not worth giving.  Among other things you can find Schopenhauer and Buddha finger puppets, gifts cards asking “What Would Nietzsche Do?”, and a wristwatch based on the myth of Sisyphus.  Just the thing for the recently graduated philosophy major to show off in the line at StarBucks to all the Business majors standing there with him.

2 thoughts on “Gifts for the Unemployed Philosophers in Your Life

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