Journalistic Haiku, @New_Mexico_News on Twitter

One of the advantages of libraries and bookstores has been the fortuitous discovery of the book that you discover, in the first page or two, was destined for you and no one else but you.  I realize, of course, that this is a form of magical thinking, not unlike the old-time Christian belief that you could take up the Bible to any random verse and that was the verse God meant for you.  

I have to say that I have yet to have a similar feeling that the finger of destiny has reached out of the cyber-ether to tell me who I was meant to do and be, but I will say that I am often surprised and delighted by the fortuitous discoveries that come my way while browsing my Twitter feed.  Most recently I’ve especially delighted in the tweets of @New_Mexico_News, literally a reporter in New Mexico whose tweets become a bizarre kind of town cryer haiku, attending to the literary effects and the journalistic accuracy in 140 characters.

A few recent favorites:

Again, today, the Sun burned without motive or judgment, hurling its light equally to murder, a theft of a paintball gun, the empty desert.–@New_Mexico_News 10 days ago
Showing a fake badge, an Albuquerque man threatened a group of teenagers; peed in one’s hat; got caught because his plate read “PUNISHR.”– @New_Mexico_News about 1 month ago
To the east, the shadows of clouds lay draped over the foothills. And there, beside Dion’s Pizza, three men removed their pants at gunpoint.– @New_Mexico_News21 days ago
Don’t you wish all news were this good.  I recommend a follow.

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