Happy Anniversary To Me!

I should probably write something more substantial than this, but all I have to say is that six months and 15,000 hits ago I started this blog and it’s been an enjoyable ride. A few of you–a very few–have bothered to notice I’m not writing quite so much these days, one or two posts a week instead of four or five. A function of sanity, no doubt. The desire to keep it along with other things like my house and marriage, that is. But what began as a lark that I thought I’d try while on sabbatical has really become something I look forward to as a way of interacting with readers and just plain thinking out loud on paper. Er…on pixels. Or something. And actually its thinking silently. When you stop to think about it.

Thanks to all of you who bother to stop by for a few seconds on your way to something more interesting and worth your time.

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